Engineering excitons in semiconductor nanocrystals

Semiconductor nanocrystals are a building block of modern nanotechnology. By controlled synthesis of nanocrystals using solution chemistry, materials can be made with highly engineered optical and electrical properties that are not possible by other routes. The nanocrystals can then be incorporated into devices such as solar cells for renewable energy or light emitting diodes for energy efficient lighting, or they can be attached to other molecules for use as highly fluorescent sensors in the life sciences.

Our research focuses on the engineering of optoelectronic properties by controlling the geometry and dimensions of excited states (excitons) generated in the nanocrystals. Nanocrystals are grown and characterised by electron microscopy and optical spectroscopy in-house, including state of the art single nanocrystal spectroscopy to understand the carrier dynamics at the single electron level. Modelling of the nanocrystal behaviour is carried out using a variety of methods including effective mass theory, Monte Carlo, and tight binding theory calculations.

Experimental setup
Fig. 1 Apparatus for single nanocrystal characterisation experiments.
10K spectrum
Fig.2 (left) Fluorescence blinking from single nanocrystals, (middle) fluorescence spectrum from two nanocrystals at T=10K, (right) Monte carlo simulation of fluorescence decay.

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