Colour Centres in Diamond for quantum photonics and spintronics

Diamond is a material with enormous potential for next generation information technologies. Not only does pure diamond have many attractive physical properties such as hardness, chemical inertness, high thermal conductivity, and excellent optical transparency, but the defects found in diamond show remarkable 'quantum' properties similar to those of trapped single atoms, even at ambient temperature. The harnessing of these quantum properties into robust devices could revolutionise fields as diverse as telecommunications, healthcare, and computing. Our work on diamond focuses on two areas - studying the properties of single defects, known as colour centres, which emit light when stimulated, and controlling this emission by placing the colour centres into optical cavities.

Confocal microscope
Fig.1 A custom built scanning confocal microscope for measuring single colour centres in diamond

Figure 2 below (left) shows a false colour fluorescence image of a single nitrogen-vacancy colour centre recorded in our lab. It is remarkable to think that this is effectively an image of a single atom trapped in the diamond lattice. Our custom-built microscope will stay aligned for days at a time at low temperature, so we don't have to worry about losing the atom once we have found it. We can confirm that we are looking at a single quantum object by performing a photon correlation measurement (below, right), the pronounced dip at zero time delay showing that two photons are never emitted simultaneously.

Single NV centre Antibunching from single NV centre
Fig 2: (left) A 1 × 1 &mu m image showing fluorescence from a single nitrogen-vacancy centre in diamond, and (right) photon correlation signals from a single colour centre.

A major challenge in building devices that exploit the quantum properties of colour centres is to control the coupling of light into and out of the centres. Our approach to achieving this is to place a sub-micrometre sized piece of diamond containing a colour centre inside a high quality Fabry Perot microcavity. A schematic of this arrangement , and images of two films produced for our initial experiments by colleagues at the University of Melbourne, are shown in Fig. 3 below.

cavity sample
Fig 3: Diamond microstructures for cavity quantum photonic devices (SEM by Paolo Olivero).

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