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General Methods[edit]








Theory, modelling and program resources[edit]

Lumerical (FDTD)[edit]



Useful .m files

Paper with Matlab routines for quantum optics simulations: [[1]]


File:NV on a mirror collection efficiency.nb
Approximate calculation of collection efficiency for NV centres on a mirror


Spreadsheet for calculating cavity parameters and coupling strengths File:Cavity parameters 140318.xls. 140403/JS

Document deriving theory for nanocrystal-in-cavity lasing File:140410 NC in cavity lasing basic theory.pdf 140410/JS

Document deriving shapes of concave mirrors for different mode geometries File:Mirror comparison.pdf 140410/JS


New papers (by Date)[edit]

September 23 (AT). CO2 ablated cavities from Warburton Group in Basel. Development and characterization. [A small mode volume tunable microcavity: Development and characterization]

August 27 (JMS). New PRX from Kae Nemoto and Bill Munro describing a scalable scheme for diamond measurement-based QIP. Needs cavity coupled NVs! [Photonic Architecture for Scalable Quantum Information Processing in Diamond]

August 27 (JMS). ArxiV paper from Igor Aharonovich on novel single emitters in nanodiamond. They're going to send us some! [Study of narrowband single photon emitters in polycrystalline diamond films]

July 22 (JMS). New PRB from Lachlan Rogers and Fedor on electronic properties of SiV- [Electronic structure of the negatively charged silicon-vacancy center in diamond]

Feb 25 (JMS). Recent paper from Mete Atature's group in Cambridge on nanodiamond magnetometry. [Observing bulk diamond spin coherence in high-purity nanodiamonds]

Feb 18 (PRD). Another paper from Mete collaborating with Chrispoh Becher on SiV spin properties. [Optical signatures of silicon-vacancy spins in diamond]

Jan 19 (JMS). Experimental paper by Mahrt group on FIB-milled cavities. [Integrated vertical microcavity using a nano-scale deformation for strong lateral confinement]


Dec 29 (JMS). Diamond 'magnetometry'. A group at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory use ODMR of NV- to detect the spin resonance signatures of other nearby defects. [Optically Detected Cross-Relaxation Spectroscopy of Electron Spins in Diamond]

Dec 27 (JMS). A PRB from April this year by the IBM group showing FDTD models of Fabry Perot microcavities. They compare 'square' cavities with Gaussian shapes and show that the latter can offer higher Q/V ratios. No surprises there then. Still its worth a read. [Vertical microcavities with high Q and strong lateral mode confinement]

Nov 2, Nature, [Quantum nanomechanics: Feeling the squeeze]

Oct 26, PRB, [|Mechanism for controlling the exciton fine structure in quantum dots using electric fields: Manipulation of exciton orientation and exchange splitting at the atomic scale]

Diamond and NV centres[edit]

Cavity QED[edit]

Semiconductor nanocrystals[edit]

Plasmonics and solar cells[edit]

Miniature dye lasers[edit]



Project Management[edit]


Figure files[edit]

Group photos[edit]

Lab Photos[edit]


Apparatus Schematics[edit]


  • NV centres
  • Microcavities
  • Quantum dots
  • Sensing
  • Plasmonics



Matthew Wincott, Enhancing the efficiency of thin-film solar cells using rear-electrode plasmonic gratings,(DPhil, 2014)
Edward Tyrrell, Effective mass modelling of excitons in semiconductor nanocrystals, (DPhil, 2014)
Simon Fairclough, Carrier dynamics within semiconductor nanocrystals, (DPhil, 2013)
Philip Dolan, Ultra-small open access microcavities for enhancement of the light-matter interaction (DPhil, 2012)
Fabio Grazioso, Spectroscopy of single colour centres in ultra-pure synthetic diamonds, (DPhil, 2010)
Alexandros Stavrinadis, Inorganic semiconductor nanoparticles for photovoltaics, (DPhil, 2009)
Benny Sher, Carrier dynamics in single semiconductor nanocrystals, (DPhil, 2009)

Part II
Katherine Hazelton, Constructing a Probe Magnetometer using Nitrogen Vacancy Centres in Nanodiamond,(Part II, 2014)
Laiyi Weng, Fabrication and Characterization of Nanocrystal Thin Films For Advanced Quantum Dot Laser Applications,(Part II, 2014)
Naomi Omori, Optical microcavities for enhanced chemical sensing, (Part II, 2013)
Yueyue Zhao, Controlling the emission from semiconductor nanocrystals using optical microcavities, (Part II, 2013)
Helene Jones, Placing semiconductor nanocrystals in optical microcavities, (Part II, 2012)
Alasdair Morrison, Optical structures in diamond, (Part II, 2012)
Luke Hanson Pettengell, Environmental sensing using semiconductor quantum dots, (Part II, 2009)

Summer Internships
Stefano del Fabbro, ODMR in CdS nanocrystals, (summer internship, 2012)

Literature Reviews

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